I have to log in everytime I play Infinite Flight

When I open the app and click on any of the three modes, it keeps telling me to sign in even though I’ve signed in from the previous session.

Is anybody else experiencing this?

I appreciate those who would help me with my first-world problem!

Interesting. So each time you start the IF app on your mobile device, you need to login. Correct?

Do you have this issue with other apps that require login (email, Facebook, etc)?

What device and OS do you use?

I also get asked to login when starting IF, but this happens only every few weeks. I never understood why this happenes. I just live with it…

I found what causes this.

It’s the in-app purchases in Restrictions settings for iOS.

If it’s disabled, Infinite Flight will keep telling me to sign in every time I start the app.

If it’s enabled, it will just say ‘Connecting’ on the screen and automatically sign me in.

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