I have the stats for Grade 3 but I'm not grade 3

Maybe you got a violation ?

Press the ”i” and give us that picture. Thanks!


Judging by the fact you’ve just hit 40K it may be the server hasn’t recognised it. It may take up to 24 hours to recognise the grade change

You could try to log out and back in.

Try to log out and in. Also maybe restart IF

Also that would help :)

You have gotten too many violations within 7 days. Wait for it to go down and you will automatically become grade 3.

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Ok. How long does is take?

7 days for each violation to disappear. Depends when you got it. Just don’t get more.

You have 19 violations, and when want to be grade 3 you only can have a maxmimum of 3 violations in 7 days

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Ok, Thank you for all you’re help

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No problem. Try to keep violations in mind when flying :) cya in the skies.