I have the latest update but I don't have cirrus clouds/buildings/a330 rework

Please help I have the latest update my Android version is android 10 and I don't have cirrus clouds nor A330 rework nor buildings
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Hello! Users who have a 32 bit device will not even see the option for an update because of the update requirements being raised higher. So for you, the version without 3D buildings and such is the last update you’ll ever get when it comes to hitting the update button on the Google Play Store. I’m dealing with the same thing, and until you have a device that meets the update requirements there’s nothing you can do.

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May I ask what device you have?

It could be the case where your Android device runs on a 32 bit processor, unfortunately the devs have increased the device requirements for 21.1+ where your device must be using a 64 bit processor to gain access to the new updated and to be able to run them smoothly. You can take a look at this post here as it explains in much further detail about the change:

Also, you could take a look at this thread which contains various Android and iOS devices that can run Infinite Flight 21.2 and also the settings you can use that won’t slow down your device:

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Xiaomi Redmi 9c 64GB

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Unfortunately that model is not running a 64-bit version of Android, which is required for the update to be available.



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