I Have The High Ground Now, You Underestimate My Power

Oh that sucks. The first time it was here was at night. So photos weren’t great 😂

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Wow, that United livery is incredible!

Aerodynamics don’t matter in space my man… 🤷🏻‍♂️

And usually by the time they get into the atmosphere there usually using more hover VTOL stuff, which you can make an argument against it’s realisticness, but it is Si fi after all, I don’t think aerodynamics is there biggest “problem” by far.


Yeah but the Battle of Scariff happened. That was an aviation nightmare. Also screw space, in the ships they go VTOL.

Wow, nice livery and pics! They look sick!

1st wouldn’t work - part of it is cut off.

3rd could be rejectable due to “motive”/cut off as well but isn’t necessarily a guaranteed rejection.

4th looks like it could have the best chance.

These are great shots nonetheless - JetPhotos isn’t everything. Keep it up man!


Both times this aircraft has been to DFW it has arrived late at night and left early in the morning ._.

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Great Shots!

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@ItsBlitz Sorry I can’t like your photos, there‘s some sand on the like button.

Lets hope you get the joke :)

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Those aircraft are beautiful! WOW! 🤩

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