I Have The High Ground Now, You Underestimate My Power

Well, as you read the title, i bet you know whats coming 🙃

Welcome everybody to a special day for KLAS. Many spotters gather around in one spot to spot a beauty of an aircraft. This one came from Newark. The Star Wars 737-800 United! I chose to capture Anakin’s side because why not 😎 Enjoy!

Tap on each photo for the best quality

Next was a Thrive Aviation Dassault 2000 arriving from Salt Lake City

A bonus capture right after was Florida Man One 🙃

Are any of these JetPhotos Worthy? And my second question is which was your favorite?

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Cool photos! I remember when the Star Wars livery flew into KSNA!


That’s a pretty neat shot of the United. Although I have some bias towards Southwest, 7th image is my favorite.

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4 is your best shot for JP because the other ones have quite a bit of vignette


Time for me to make my unpopular opinion known, the high ground was not what influenced that fight…

PM me, I’ll explain…

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The title, the topic, the photos, all of it is amazing! Great work!


I can remove the vignette. I can show you on PM by your request :)

1st 3rd and 4th for JP. Nice photo’s they are sexy.

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Well, if you take out the vignette, I bet 2 and 4 could both work (with centering).

Sad I didn’t see the blue side

Alright sounds good!

Obi Wan Kenobi was spotted by a few others!

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Seriously, why does nobody tell me about these things?

Jokes aside, great pics!

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The star wars livery looks lit.

(▼ 皿 ▼)
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Great photos!


Mm yes I like how you used a prequel meme in the title. And amazing pictures!

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cough cough tie fighters and just star wars is not aerodynamic change my mind cough cough

Also, its over Anakin, I have the better Star Wars Airplane Picture! (took this from my house across the river so excuse the quality)


Wow!! Nice photos. Love the 1st and last one, the southwest looks, very nice!

Wow! These are amazing spots

Sadly it barely ever comes to PHX