I have someting to say to IFATC

Yestoday i got a report from Chendu departure for didn’t maintain aircraft separation. I just took off from Chengdu and another plane was on my right. I was instructed to keep a safe distance, so I turned left heading to avoid another air aircraft. About 5 seconds later I was reported. i under stand that these guys was profession trained, but can you be more nice and responsible. Just few day ago i was flying from RCTP to VHHH, the ontroller was more profession. I was on ILS runway 25L, but I aimed at 25R. he/she told me to check runway assignment, and I change the runway to avoid plane collision。

Hello 👋
Yesterday Chengdu Departure was open by @Leon_B. Please message him via DM.


Hey guys, let’s not speculate anything here. Let the controller and the OP talk privately to discuss the situation. The controller has already been notified because of the tag.

I will contact you very soon.
You were already told by @DeerCrusher to contact me via PM 🙂

emmm. because i set NAV1 for 25L , it was my bad. i already sent massage to him thanks

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emmm. because i set NAV1 for 25R