I have some questions in the upcoming update 21.1?

First question: in the upcoming update 21.1, the A330 has been re-made to that update or I read IF’s time lines already but I am not very clear first question: in the upcoming update 21.1, the A330 has been re-made to add to that update? I have read if timelines already but I am not very clear.
Second question: In update 21.1 there are airport terminals and 3D ground equipment so when it is dark the airport has lights or not and the ground service vehicles have lights or not?
third question: in the upcoming update 21.1 is there a taxi light for aircraft or does the landing light glow to illuminate the road when I taxi?
4rd question : In update 21.1, all airports worldwide have airport terminals and 3D ground vehicles?

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  1. No, the updated A333 is not coming in v21.1.
  2. Unknown at this time; unlikely.
  3. Unknown.
  4. No. Only select airports will have these features for the first iteration (v21.1). KSFO, KDEN, FAOR, and LFPG have been confirmed so far.

Support is not the place to ask questions about updates. Support is for technical issues. If you want to ask questions about the update head to “21.1 tracking thread” (closed atm) or go to "buildings & clouds Q&A)


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Just to add a bit of background and sources to Z-Tube’s reply:

The following answers to your questions can be found in the Buildings and Clouds blog.

Please be aware that the A333 will come in a future update. This means that the A333 will not be coming in update 21.1

Dynamic aircraft and taxiway lighting is something we desperately want to add but are currently limited by our aging graphics technology. We will re-focus on this after the first release of buildings is out the door. This will be another step in Project Metal.

Again, see the answer to question two.

Our first release will only have a handful of airports so we can ensure it works well before we start scaling to more.

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thank you bro

What about LAX?

Is the 21.1 update the start of project metal? Would this make taxi lights and adding many many liveries to planes possible?

LAX is not confirmed

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Not all airports will have 3D buildings and ground objects upon release. 3D buildings and ground objects will be at select airports in the initial release.

The official list from Infinite Flight has not been released yet.


Sorry another question. Will the jet bridges connect with the aircraft?

No worries mate!

I strongly recommend checking out the Q&A linked below as it answers a lot of the questions there:

As stated in the Q&A, jetbridges and other ground objects will not have animations on the first release as they want to ensure performance, but may be implemented in the future.

Hope this helps. Take care!

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