I have some questions, could you answer them?

Hello, good evening. Being curious, I wanted to ask some questions (sometimes a little technical).
First of all, can the screen definition of a device change the visual quality of Infinite flight? Between a Samsung a9 and an iphone 4 let’s imagine.
Then, do you happen to know a test video of Infinite flight with the iPad 2018 (9.7)?
And finally, does it damage a tablet or smartphone to fly 10 hours in a row every day for a week on the simulator? At the battery and component level.
Being French, I hope that my translation has been good 😁.

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Hi! Thanks for contacting us on the Infinite Flight Community. I hope I can answer your questions.

  1. Yes. In settings, you can change your graphics quality. There isn’t a set recommendation for each device, however you can change the graphics settings depending on your device. For example, if you have an iPhone 5s, there’s no chance whatsoever that you’ll be able to run Infinite Flight at high graphics, so you’d manually select low graphics settings to reduce lag and battery loss. However, if you had an iPad Pro, then you’d easily be able to run IF at high graphics settings with little lag.

  2. There isn’t an official video for that device, however, as it is one of the newest out there, you’ll definitely be able to run it on the highest graphics setting with not much lag at all. Here’s the Infinite Flight trailer, which was recorded at the same graphics setting that you’ll be able to use on your iPad.
    Infinite Flight Trailer 2018 - YouTube

  3. I regularly do long hauls in excess of ten hours, and my iPad (which is actually only an Air 2) runs absolutely fine. Infinite Flight uses up battery pretty quickly (so make sure to keep the iPad plugged in) but it doesn’t damage the device.

If you have any more queries at all, feel free to ask. Have a nice afternoon!



Hi, thanks for your answers. However, I misunderstood myself for the first question. I meant, for a device of similar power but with a different screen will there be a change in visual quality. Let’s imagine two iphone x. One with a normal screen (excellent quality) and the other with a much worse screen (low quality) there will be a difference in visual quality?

Well, that honestly depends on the screen. Infinite Flight is built for normal devices, so I can’t say what would happen if you used a device modified in some way.

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