i have some questions before buying the game

i don’t want to play multiplayer, but i heard that you still have to be online to play this game is that correct?

also does the base game have weather options like rain?

how many regions/airports the base game have? cause i heard the base game still have the biggest number of regions/airports and bigger map than any other mobile/ios flight simulator even without the global version!

also what are the highest altitude limits? does the global version have more/extra space to climb through?

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Yes! Because of global and the download of scenery, it requires internet connection at all times

No It does not. There is accurate live weather on Live (multiplayer) but only has winds, fog (low visibility) and the time (night and day)

There is none! You can fly from infinity and beyond!

The base game only has a 6 regions with hundreds of airports in each respected region. You can fly in Southern California, Netherlands, Chicago, and more!


[quote=“Plane-Train-TV, post:2, topic:281677”]
Yes! Because of global and the download of scenery, it requires internet connection at all times[/quote]
by global you mean google map?!

This is global:


It has real life scenery that offers a even more realistic flight where ever you are flying to. It is kind of Google Maps but from a private company.

Here is some more information:

Global means you can fly anywhere you want with no boundaries, UK, ASIA, South America Etc. Satellite imagery does look like google earth kind it’s just paying for Live + gets you access to the whole world.

I bought have around one week now and I fall in love every time i play it.

And if you buy and don’t like, you can return it, at least in Google Play you can.

And here the community is willing to help you in everything you need to make you always have fun like everybody else has.

Hope see you in the sky soon!


This is what you get for your original purchase of the game:

image image

If you have any other questions, just ask!

@Plane-Train-TV did a pretty good job explaining things too.

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I’ve gone 2 000 000ft, if you want you can try and beat that 😉 😅

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thanks <3

i wonder if it’s possible to fly from region to region in solo mode without global?

There is a tiny gap between the region of Chicago and Wisconsin. You fly to the bottom left corner and it will appear, but besides that, you are not permitted to fly out of the selected region. After roughly 1 nautical mile, you throttle will cut and you will crash.

Once you exit the region boundaries the throttle cuts.

I highly recommend the base game and trying out pro for a month. All planes and airports will be usable with any pro subscription but you’ll still need to clock requirements in casual server before you can join the training server (with people atc).

This simulator’s niche is that it provides something special in that the multiplayer experience and global access is what other simulator do not have on mobile. And the base game covers some of these strong points very well (except multiplayer).

Give the base a try and if you want, invest for a month to see if you like the experience ^^

Others have pretty much covered your questions so I just wanted to share more about the strengths.

Is this pic actual in game footage or has it been edited?

Actual in-game footage

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You can, especially if they share a corner, like Chicago and Oshcosh. As others stated, your throttles will cut if they are farther apart, such as SoCal - San Francisco

It’s now global so it basically has every single airport you could think of.

Yes! You must pay the monthly subscription to have access to every airport though

Oh wait is he talking about Pro or the actual game it self…

I was talking about the Pro Subscription

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No I’m saying the originally creator. He wants to buy the app itself right?

He was inquiring about the base game without a subscription