I Have Some Issues Flight Planning. Please Help.

I have faced some issue and expecting answers from your side.
When i am planning a FPL, if i am selecting any runway to land on, so it doesn’t show the option to mark the runway or add it to the FPL. the runways with waypoint at their start only used for landing. So plz give me suggestion on how to mark FPL for landing. I have attached some screenshots regarding the same.
When i was flying, i saw that the speed had turn something different i.e or shows M.060 or something similar. So how can i calculate the speeds on knots.
I have attached some screenshots regarding the same.
Thank you


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Not really sure what you are asking but you should use the waypoints as a suggestion to where you should go but use the ILS to land.

Thank you for contacting support.

First off, you do not select the runway to land on in your flight plan. You select the airport itself and then when you are on approach you change the runway in your HUD to pick up the ILS. This is because the winds and runways could change during your flight.

Please see the following post in addition to the other great tutorials in the #tutorials category.


And to add on that is why you aren’t seeing waypoints for each runway, they are just not there in real life or they are yet to be added

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I just end my route at the airport it’s self and turn off autopilot 10 km from the runway. You should have it where you arrive at your destination. There maybe circumstances in which you have to go around and AP will only get in the way of that. As said above runways change.

Let’s say you are flying from Houston to New Orleans. First, you want to select your departure airport, then the first waypoint. The waypoint should be somewhere on the route to New Orleans, so it should look something like this.
Then, add a few points along the route, then, find a waypoint to where you can easily access all runways with just a few turns, so something like this.
That way, no matter which direction the winds are when you are arriving, you can arrive with ease. Then, when you find the active runway, you select that and input it into your HUD to guide you to your destination.

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Regarding the speed issue.
That happens when you pass 28000 feet and your auto throttle shifts from IAS (indicated airspeed) to Mach speed. This is for multiple reasons, mainly because the airspeed will start dropping once that option is selected but your ground speed will remain the same. A typical single aisle airliner might cruise at around M0.75-0.80. Larger planes could reach M0.85. For that, and the flight planning, I suggest you use SimBrief. Here is a nice topic Chris made:

Also, Brandon Sandstorm made a 4-part series about flight planning in global:

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Just use the airport as your final “waypoint” and use the ILS and judgment to slowly vector yourself towards the localiser, that is if no ATC is online.

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