I have reached 40,109xp but still grade-2

And I have 7 violations. Now how long would I have to wait to be grade-3?

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Well… 7 Violations will not get you to Grade 3. 7 Violations in a day or this week?

You would have to wait 7 days since you got those violations (3 violations in a week will bring you down from grade 3 to grade 2)

Cant wait to see you in Expert when you clear those violations!

This week I think and it was separate on different flights

Well, you’ll have to wait for a week since your last violation. Just avoid breaking the rules, and we’ll see you on the Expert Server very soon!

To be grade 3 you need 3 or less violations this week. After about a week, you should be grade 3 unless you are unfortunate to get more violations.

Stay violation free for a few days and you should be fine. Get ready for the big league!