I have problem with landing.

When I touch the Ground the plane doesn’t land in the runway.

What airport are you using?

Is the landing not registering? Can you not see the terrain and runway?

You can restart your app and device if you are having trouble. If that doesn’t resolve it go to Infinite Flight in app Settings -> General-> Clear Cache (make sure you tap yes)

I cant see the runway all night.

can you take a screenshot of whats happening?

And sometimes the plane it divert.

Okay take a picture so we can see the problem.
Are you in the new Istanbul airport? Because that is broken. It will be fixed soon.


So maybe you just need practice landing?

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How because not all planes have tutorials.

Here you go for the 737 series:

I also would try to perfect your landing during daytime hours before you move on to the night

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Like this.

I land like this.

Aligning your aircraft with the ILS system when landing may help

What is the NM in ILS.

Okay, just line up with the runway, press ‘APPR’ on the 737/A320 and it will auto land.

NM is how far you are away from the threshold. NM is Nautical Miles which is the measurement in which this is calculated.

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