I have passed a milestone 1000 hours in the sim!

No this isn’t a joke, I have passed over 1000 hours in the sim! Thanks all for being so kind and being willing to fly with me! I did this in a remarkable 3 months 23 days. Here’s to another 1000 🥳🥂


Good job 👍🏽

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Wow!!! I just passed 500 and I’ve had live for 2 1/2 years! Congrats 🍾🎉


Congratulations. Well done!

fun fact 1000 hours = 41.6 days of flying. CRAZYY!!

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Nice! I just got Grade 4 still wondering how im still at 800 hours lol

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Woah. 1000 Hours. That’s Insane Luke, Congrats. I still remember when I got to 1K hrs, that was sick. Keep flying and you’ll reach your next thousand in no time ✨🎉

I personally after have flown on IF Pro/Live (Multiplayer) for 1.5 years, and since accumulated roughly 5500hrs. I hope to reach 6K soon :)


Welcome to the club!


image Can I join the club? Jk

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