I have not received XP

Hello everyone, I have a small problem because I just finished a 10:20 flight and at the end I did not get XP.

Uuh, that hurt didn’t it? See if you’ve received xp when you restart your game and look at your stats

What device are you on? What operating system? Is that the IF’s latest version?


not even when restarting I still have not received anything

It’s very frustrating to have nothing

Wow, that is crazy. It must be a glitch, maybe a mod can give you the amount of XP that is worth your flight time. It should be around 5,000 to 10,000 maybe?

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Unfortunately, this have been known to happen at rare occasions. The version currently out is not designed for that kind of long flight.

However, i’ll check if it can be added manually as it’s a pretty big amount we’re talking about. I can’t promise anything though.


Seb is hooking you up!

this is the first time that it makes me

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Just so i don’t have to ask later, what’s your callsign and display name?

I usually make flights longer than that but I have never had this problem

Yes as i was saying…
Callsign and display name please? It’s needed if it can be added manually.

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my pseudo in this game is fixsou

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I’ll get back to you as soon as i have anything.

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ok thanks to you schyllberg

Closing this for the time being…