I have no Violations in the last 7 days

I have no violations but it says I can not fly on expert server. I know i did this earlier but if you look at the violations I have none.


The chart only shows violations in the last few days, if you would like to see all time Violations, then spawn in at an airfield in live, and check LiveFlight and find yourself and look at your information.

Our Expert Server access requirements have changed due to behaviors of our pilots, more on that down below ;)

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Have you checked on LiveFlight?


Ok i will check right know

Have a looksy

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This is the amount of violations that you’ve gonna this day or week, you need to find out your TOTAL CAREER violations

The reason you can’t fly on expert is because your TOTAL number of violations to landings is more than 50%. In the chart you’ referring to shows the recent amount of violations. As mentioned earlier, you can check your total number of violations on LiveFlight.

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