I have no idea how many week should I postponed because ghosts

Could I have more information why I have who it and how long do I have to wait till

Tell me th at you weren’t Air Berlin departing Birmingham just before?

Hello! It seems that you have been ghosted from the expert server, normally it is a 7 day ghost, please check this topic to see why you where ghosted. Normally you are ghosted by Air Traffic Control When not following their instructions, or moderators when flying too fast, but If you have any questions feel free to check the topic bellow.

I think he wants to know why he’s ghosted, who ghosted him and how long he has to wait.

Read what @HFP has shown above, your ghost may be due to one of those reasons.

This might also help, it’s a thread about reading the grade table, so you’ll know just then your ghosts will let you back up to a higher grade.


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