I have no fog cover

Every time I play Infinite Flight, and I put the fog down to 100m, there is no fog. Like, no fog at all. I’ve restarted my device, uninstalled then reinstalled Infinite Flight, etc. Does anyone know why? I have an IPad Air, latest version of IOS, latest version of infinite flight, no jailbreks on my iPad.

I honestly don’t know, this is very interesting never seen this. Does it do this to you in live too?

I think maybe I have the same thing? I’m not fully aware of what it’s supposed to look like, but I’ve had a couple of approaches on live where the metar said 2-3mi visibility yet I was looking at blue skies and runway from all the way out, I’ve yet to see limited visibility of any kind.

Edit: not really a complaint, just in case it helps the developers, the update has somehow far exceeded my expectations, I’m thrilled.

What are your atmosphere settings?

Not sure what atmosphere settings refers to, I only fly live. I can try setting low visibility in solo to see if I can replicate adam’s observation… meantime I just spawned in Beijing on live, metar says 1SM vis, I’m seeing clear skies to the horizon…

Edit: Ok no this works on solo, I see fog. Still think I shouldn’t be seeing to the horizon at zbaa on live though

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I cannot re produce anything you guys are saying solo fog is fine down to 100m. ZBAA has 1 mile visibility. Restart your devices and clear all apps see if that works.

Graphics settings
Low > Medium > High. Anti aliasing Off/On. Limited frame rate Off/On

ipad 2017
iOS 11.2 beta

This only happens in solo. I don’t use live yet

Aha, tres bizarre, you’re right though. I restarted and closed apps as you said, I didn’t think it through though b/c I also changed the settings. So basically that worked, I see fog on low rendering, still no atmosphere at all on high rendering, there are a variety of strange renderings I can create by messing with those graphics settings. Only low rendering gives me fog, I have a 9.7" Pro and a strong network though. I guess I’m satisfied?

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I noticed on high settings the color changes a bit, but the fog is still present. It may not be as defined though.

I put all my graphics on low and I, too, had fog after doing that.

Here I am climbing out of zbsj on high rendering:

Yea you still have fog it’s just rendered differently. I’m sure this will improve over time. Not sure what the OPs original issue was though.

Oh ok, good deal, as long as that’s normal it works for me. Thanks!

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Yeah thanks for your help!

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