I have no 777-300ER

So for the past few days, I have been trying to fix this. I am using my phone right now for Global (IPhone SE) and I bought the 777 on my IPad 2 (which isn’t compatible with Global). Why can’t I get this? I hit restore purchases, restarted my phone, closed all apps, restarted the game, everything. Help please

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Are you signed in with your credentials?


Hey Ryan!

Have you tried clicking the “purchase” button at all? A message should appear saying “you have already purchased this item.” You should be able to simply download it from then on as normal without being charged.

Please let us know if this works for you or if any other issues appear.

Cheers! :)


Yes I am. I signed in with my google account and eve though I don’t have PRO it still says my grade 2 stuff, etc

Have you previously received a refund for this aircraft? If so, you will have to purchase it again. If not, you should be fine clicking “purchase;” it should just say “you already own this item” and will begin downloading shortly after. FDS has little to do when it comes to monetary issues concerning in-app purchases so if your problem persists, please contact Apple.

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Try doing what @Nathan said

You may have to restart the app a few times. I’ve encountered this one time with the 787 and after a few app and device restarts I was able to download the aircraft.

If none of the other troubleshooting suggestions work then re-install the app, if you haven’t already.

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Yes I have. It sent me to sign into Itunes but eventually it said no purchases found

Its a glitch try re-downloading worked for me never had a problem after. It just needs a password confirmation sometimes.

I did what @Levet said and it till did not work. I restarted the app several times and it still did not work…

Have you re installed the app?

Yes, I did. Didn’t work

Sorry to hear that your issue has not been solved yet.

Are you absolutely sure that you purchased the 777-300ER? Would you mind just checking your purchase history just to fully clarify that you have purchased this aircraft?

I understand that this may be frustrating, but we appreciate your patience during this time!

Cheers! :)


I am positive because before Global was released I remember flying an AA 777 from SAN to LAX

And I purchased it on my Ipad 2 even though I fly Global on my Iphone SE right now

Thanks for responding back!

Did you have a subscription when you purchased this specific aircraft on your iPad 2?

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I am not sure…I’ll confirm soon

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Yes, I did have a subscription when I purchased the 777 on my Ipad 2

This is the saddest thing I’ve ever seen

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