I have my suspicions but asking anyway to help plan a long haul flight tomorrow

so i can imagine EGLL is gonna be bussin’ tomorrow, thus IFATC will likely be present. Im just asking for a heads up on what runways any potential controllers are expecting to designate as take-off/landing [(to help me plan SIDS and do my own ascent calculations)]? Based on my non-premium use of windy.com, it looks like winds will be favoring 27R/L about 12 hours from now (12:00z). Which one in specific will likely be reserved for takeoff and the other one landing? Or will both be used for all purposes since there’s only two runways lol


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Depending on how busy EGLL is, it is likely they will use both for both. This would be my guess as EGLL is likely to be as you say “bussin’”.

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You could always adjust your approach as you get closer to the airport too.

im departing LHR 12hr from now lol

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