I have lost my grade 3

How can i get it back

just try to work on your landings and you shall be there in no time

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Thanks bror

Could you send a screenshot of your grade table - then I can tell you what you need to do to get Grade 3 back :)

I understand you! about 2 years ago I had reached grade 4 after many sacrifices. too much stress and anxiety to maintain grade 4 and so I decided to stop flying in LIVE mode. now I always fly in SOLO mode, like a chess player and I am much calmer without the anxiety of going back and of course I fly respecting all the rules of flight. Hello

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Practice landing at KEDW you’ll be back up to grade 3 at no time! 😁

How Can i Send a Picture

Just take a screenshot of your grade table and just share it on here

Do you have to many violations cause that what happen with me had to many and now stuck in grade 2 for 8 more months!!! its very Anoying but if you need any help let me know we are all here to help! feel free to reach out to me!

Yes I have to many violation

You can fly on training server too. That’s what I do and I have level 3

@Maxford_Baah You can return to Expert Server on 10th December at 1725Z.


Ok thanks so much

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Be careful though - two more Level 2/3 violations and you’ll be banned from the Expert Server until your oldest Level 2/3 violation expires (which is basically a year looking at your violation history)

By the looks of it you’ve received those Level 2/3 violations from not listening to ATC or not following proper ATC procedures and etiquette - I suggest you take a look at the User Guide and learn how to properly interact with ATC.

Wow! I’ve never seen anything more than a level 1 violation, just work on your flying

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To get back to level 3, I just to pattern work in the casual server

His landings aren’t the problem - it’s the number of violations he has.

Hi there!

It looks like you recently received a level 3 violation. These violations are only issued by active ATC, ATC supervisors, Mods, and staff. It seems you received a violation for not listening to your radar controller. I understand this may be annoying, but as of now you will not be able to join the expert server for 7 days. Here is what I would do: I would look back at the replay file. Did you actually not follow instructions? If you believe that the violation was not properly issued, send a private message here on the IFC to @appeals and one of their wonderful members will assist you in your appeal of that level 3 violation. I would also recommend reaching out to the controller! We love having calm discussions about mistakes and the controller can even help you out with your appeal. I hope that all goes well. Feel free to PM me if you have any questions!

Here is a guide that Drummer made to help people out with their appeal and how to contact the controller that issued the violation: How to Find and Contact an IFATC Controller Regarding Feedback and Appeals

If you are having trouble with that, feel free to shoot me a PM as well and I will do my best to help you out. Have a good one


See above ^^

Continue in PM with appeals