I have IF on multiple devices, can I be logged in with the same live account on all the devices?

If I don’t feel like playing IF live on one phone, can I switch to the other using the same account?

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Yes you can have infinite flight on 2 devices but you can only fly on one device at a time. If you try to fly on both accounts one of you flights the engines will be cut off

Alright, I thought if I log in to my live account using device B, device A will log out. Time to kill two birds with one stone.

Another words have it on as many devices but can only play one at a time with the same account

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As my colleague says you can, connected your account in several devices but, you can not be online on all devices at the same time.

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When connect you mean have live on both devices (Logged in to the same live account)? It’s not just having the app. I think I have problems authenticating my live account back on my old device because I logged in on the new one.

EDIT: Yes I think I can only log in my live account to only ONE device. Phew, things were weird a second ago.

so yer logged in with both accounts. but can only fly one account. so say if i have an account named GAH16 on 3 devices.
device 1
device 2
devise 3

i play on GAH16 on device 1. currently flying. if i go on devise 2 and try and play online with the GAH16 account on devise one the englines will be cut off

Not trying to be offensive but I didn’t meant about whether I can fly live on multiple devices under the same account but whether I can be logged in on the same account on multiple devices (I should rephrase the title a little bit).

hope i explained well aha

You did your best but I still have doubts. The title has been rephrased to be more specific. Any mod can help?

that’s yes to your Q in the tittle. You can but only fly one at a time

You said can but I encountered several login issues just now, I had to log out my live account on the new device and log in again on the old device. I can’t be logged in on both devices with the same live account.

hmmm interesting… because i was logged both on my ipod but if i fly on that one it then stops my other.

You have two iPods? How strange I can’t be logged in with the same live account on both devices.

an iphone and an ipod but this is a while back since i did that. Well if thats the case you have to log into one and swap over when you need too!

ps: this should be on support lol

I don’t think it should be on support as this is a clarification, not a bug. Can anyone confirm whether their live accounts can be logged in on multiple devices?

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