I have got an level 3 violation

Hi there

I don’t know why I got an violations.

It is in LPMA, I want to back taxi to RW05. My plane is 737 and I have 71% weight. I want to back taxi to RW 05 to use the whole runway, and he gave me an violation. But I don’t know what is he mean. So I feel very annoying and I don’t want to follow ATC schedule again.

  • There is no ground
    Controller: Boeing757
    SERVER: Expert Server

Did ATC tell you to take off

Hi there! I’m sorry that you experienced this, but you might want to PM the controller there and message him about it.

Your controller is @Boeing757 PM him and he will explain the report and maybe contact @appeals they can help

Not takeoff, but I want to back taxi

I’m your controller, I’ll send you a pm @Fung_Sum-sum 🙂