I have found a bug

Hello there:

I have found a bug two mins ago. Let me introduce the big.

Click [go to—]

Quit the game

How can I solve this problem?

Interesting discovery, for me the map loads instead of an app crash, but it is pretty choppy compared to doing the same, but with an IFATC controlled airport

This is not a bug, it’s a feature.
If you tap to “Go to” it will automatically select the airport you tapped on as your spawn point.

It happens when you tap an airport on the airspace display.

But when we click on it, the game crashes

I’ll show you a video

I am not able to replicate this.

Please reboot your device and if it is still happening back up any important replays and uninstall/reinstall infinite flight.

Oh, it’s crashing? Sorry i missed that.

We’re looking into it!


It should be fixed! Cameron Just fixed it :)

Ok now, thanks for everyone to help :)

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Restart the app if it’s still occurring :)

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You may close now

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