I have discovered a problem

Hi 👋 I am new to infinite flight and I have discovered a problem I was flying out of Dublin today and set the autopilot so I looked away from my phone for a couple of minutes and when I looked back the plane was nose diving and spinning I had no control of the Aircraft I was trying to get it out of the dive but couldn’t when I hit the ground it said u have been ghosted for aerobatics close to a airport

There is the picture so I’m not to sure what ghosting ??


Hi there,

It looks like you received a violation. If you look at your replay from the flight you should be able to see what happened. Maybe you were climbing and did not set the ALT all the way and it stalled?


Yeah but it said I was ghosted ?

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Where did it say this? Your screen shot says “Violation”

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The key take away here: Give your flight full attention during critical phases on flight i.e. take off & landing!

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Could he have possibly been ghosted by the server due to racking up too many violations as he spiraled downwards? If that is the case, then I assume he’s referring to that

EDIT: Ignore this, just saw that he only received 1 violation

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There is not a report on your record. The aerobatic may have been mislabeled or it booted you from your session. You can see in your log that it says violation.

The violation will fall off in a few days.

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In addition to what Chris said, you only need to receive one aerobatic violation to be kicked from the session (system “ghosted”). The system ghost isn’t recorded as it is done automatically by the system (in contrast to a ghost from a controller), but the aerobatic violation is recorded which is what you are seeing in your log. It’s like that by design, so not a problem :)


Nah I would say AP is a key component to IF and the key take away is that there’s some sort of issue with the autopilot disengaging while saying it’s still engaged.🤷‍♂️

But if you forget to set climb rate and it produces a stall then inevitable AP disengage and aerobatics…

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No bueno brother this happened to me as well.

I was hosting a touch and go practice session last night and I was on probably my 20th approach. AP was at to 2200 above the runway speed 175IAS. AP was highlighted to show it was engaged at my altitude of 2500 and holding at A VS of 0ft/m.
I was in front of my iPad though and watch the nose pitch down and it started rolling just before it slammed into the ground. 🤦‍♂️
At least I was at a low enough altitude that I didn’t incur any violations.🤣

Definitely something going on with the auto pilot engagement as I’ve seen it happen before but been able to catch it.

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