I have been reported for an unknown reason.

Hi. I have been reported for an unknown reason. I was taking off of LFHM near Zurich at 03:46 UTC. I was at the end of the runway trying to takeoff. In the middle of my takeoff I have been reported by Tyler Shelton. No one has said I couldn’t be at the airport and there was no air traffic control. I would like to speak to someone now.

first can you change this to an ATC post and not support

also i have tagged @Tyler_Shelton so he can create a pm for you to join when he sees your post

Okay, thanks.

Hey, your not supposed to take off in an airport that is like 10 NM from an FNF. It makes a lot of sense that you were ghosted. That’s why the TFR was in effect. It’s gonna be a hard time getting it reversed.

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You spawned on the runway (34), traffic was on short final to 16 which they announced. You just powered up and took straight off into oncoming traffic causing a go around.

There’s no ramp. I understand spawning on the runway, though it was obvious your plane was too large, but taking off into traffic is not tolerated.


First of all. The NOTAM didn’t say that airport was off limits. The NOTAM wasn’t very clear so I didn’t know which ones were off limits.

What was the aircraft size supposed to be then? And was the airport off limits? I even said on the Unicom I was taking off.

I have just joined so I had no idea which way traffic was going by the way.

It wasn’t off limits and ultimately I’m not even concerned with the size. Announcing doesn’t excuse taking off into oncoming traffic.


Okay, I’m sorry I was new to the expert server and it will not happen again.

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Fantastic! Glad to assist. My inbox is always open if I can help you understand procedures or clarify things for you. 🙂