I have been in IFC for a year and im still basic trust level

hi i dont know what topic this would go in but i have been in IFC for a year and im still a basic trust level and i was wondering how do i get it up?
thanks and have a good Christmas and a good weekend.


Keep being active and helpful, and contributing to the community in a positive way, and you’ll get there in no time :)

Just being here for a year isn’t enough. You have to earn TL2. And not through spamming or farming. That’s why the requirements are hidden.

It’ll come when it’ll come :)

Oh and btw - the correct category is #meta - which is for forum/Discourse related questions. #general is for Infinite Flight related questions only.

Ok thank you i just wasnt very sure how to get it up. thanks for the help!

Hi and Happy Holidays! I think you are still at basic trust level because you aren’t that active. To make your trust level go higher, be more active, read some of the articles and reply. I hope this works. Again, happy holidays!

Ok thank you for letting me know! Have a good holidays.

No one knows exactly how. All we know is that being helpful and active always helps!

Thanks for the input. Stay active, make consistent helpful contributions, and you’ll be there in no time.