I have been given a level 3 violation for no reason

Device: iPad
Operating system:ipadOS

I was about to land at KJFK and notified the tower that I wanted to land on 31R; I got no response and instead the tower announced it was closing in 5min; since there was no response and the tower was closed and I followed my flight plan. As soon as I landed, I was informed that I was given a level 3 violation for landing on the wrong runway. Now I have been downgraded to grade 2 and can’t join expert anymore. Could you please fix this and remove the level 3 violation?

Hello, you can refer to topic below.

Procedures for Appealing Violations and Providing ATC Feedback - ATC - Infinite Flight Community

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Contact ATC in DM and dispute this incident. No need to expose it here 😉. The Atc are super attentive to listening to our side. I hope it works out for you.

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If you believe that you were unfairly given a violation please contact appels in a polite and respectful way. Also have the replay ready as they may ask fo that.

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Yeah the tower was kind of weird, he responded like 10 mins late to my inbound announcement and the airspace was not that busy

Please contact the appeals team via the linked comment above. IFATC has a world class appeals and ATC team.