I have been banned for a year

I really love this game, i used to play it everyday , but then on 3rd of may, i got a level 3 violation and a year ban, it is really disappointing after all the hardwork put to bring the account to grade 3, if only i could go back in time i wish i could change, but yeah done is done, I really wish i had one more chance tho, just one more chance , thank you all guys, this is such a friendly and loving community see yall in a year


A level 3 violation should only put you off Expert for a week, unless you now have 5 or more in the past year. Even if that’s the case, you only have to wait for your earliest to become more than a year old.


I looked at your stats and you have five level 2 and one level 3 violation. You are ineligible because you had three level 2 violations and the recent level three. You must have had a year or older level 2 violation.

Hi, @hishmith_v_vardhan.

From looking at your account, it appears that you’ll gain access to expert server again on April 19th 2024.

Any questions, feel free to ask.


You can still play IF, just not on ES.

I mean it is kind of your fault. It’s really hard to get 5 level 2 violations unless you just don’t listen to ATC. Maybe check out some of the tutorials on the Infinite Flight YouTube channel to help avoid these violations in the future. Also a look at the user guide doesn’t hurt also. You can still fly on IF, but only on Training Server. Although it does suck to not fly on Expert Server for 11 months, you have to think that 5 level 2 violations means that you’re probably not qualified enough to fly on the Expert Server. I didn’t even think I got 5 level 2 violations period on IF. If you also believe you got your level 2 violations by mistake, feel free to message @appeals to get them removed. Just take time and learn to better your pilot skills on TS, then soon enough you can join back ES.


Don’t worry man, I got a level 2 violation in October 30th 2022, and I had to face 9 months without being on ES, I get it back in 7 weeks, don’t worry, it will go by fast! And plus, 40% of the flyouts are hosted on TS so your not completely missing out. It will go by fast, just be more careful next time, have a great rest of your day/night!

Agreed. From what @Kyle said, it seems you got 5 level 2 or 3 violations in about 4 weeks, which means you’re missing some fundamental knowledge or skills about how ES works. Take this year to learn.


how can you see other people stats

It does suck to not make the cut, but ultimately those requirements are there for a reason. The reason everyone wants to be on expert is because it is a substantially better environment, that only happens if there is a relatively high cut off to be on it. If it was easy everyone would be on there and it would just be called training server 🤷🏻‍♂️


I must know, what did you do???

There’s a reason why we have this system in place. Maybe next time you’ll take the flying a bit more seriously