I have been banned by an atc member

I think that this ban was directed at the plane that was in front of me, and I received a one-year ban. I want someone to explain to me where the error is. Thank you.

ATC APPROCHE : @Brennen_Cahill

You can send them a PM since you know who the controller is. They’ll explain better as to what happened.


If you believe that you have wrongfully received a Level 2 or 3 violation by one of the IFATC Controllers, you can appeal the violation by sending a private message to the Appeals Team here on the forum. You will need to provide details about the situations as well as your pilot replay.

You can use this link to create a direct message with the blank spaces to fill the corresponding information to get started with the process.

Remember to be patient and respectful. Good luck!

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I know that, but I wanted to know from the ATC members, am I wrong? If I am wrong, I will not send an appeal and I will accept what you say

Unfortunately, none of us can say who is right or wrong. We don’t know why exactly the controller reported you. Only the controller can provide that answer.

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I received the second level Don’t follow the instructions I think I was doing the required instructions.

If you believe you shouldn’t have been reported, then you should appeal the violation. It’s entirely up to you.

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Yes you should appeal. The controller will 100% have something to say about it

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