I have an old version of the game that doesn't have a subscription so you have to buy the planes.

I am thinking about buying a a couple new planes. The ones I have in mind are the 757, Citation x or the 787 8. Which one would you recommend?

You can’t buy planes individually anymore, you would have to buy a subscription and have access to all planes until it ran out.


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Keep in mind that all planes come with live.So you would have to get a subscription

All planes are included in the subscription:)

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Welcome to the community! First and foremost, the main conflict has been brought to your attention above. To further understand this, are you running the latest version of infinite flight? (19.01.07), or are you running an older version where this can still be achieved?

You cannot buy planes from the old version.It has to be updated

I have a old version of the game so I have to buy planes one by one.

It’s called an APK it’s awesome.

I was asking the OP on the version number. Pre-global purchases are no longer available for pre-global versions. APK version are not supported.


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