I have an interesting question

If I were to make something in Minecraft, like an airport, airplane, or the Infinite Flight Logo or something like that, would I be allowed to share pictures of it on the IFC? I feel like it probably wouldn’t be allowed, but I just figured to ask anyway.

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I guess so, just use either the #screenshots-and-videos or #real-world-aviation category’s. It should be allowed because it is IF related

Dont take my word for it though haha, i dont know for sure


This feels more like a question for a moderator than anything. I don’t see a reason why it wouldn’t be allowed, but better safe than sorry. Really excited to see what you’ve got to show us! ;)

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There was a thread for this once:

You could remake it with your pictures too. Not a standalone topic as that would just clutter stuff up, but a thread for everyone to share their pictures as well.

Sad memories of the AF A380…

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@mildredAV, @barrel, and @Fourthnebula919 unfortunately I tried to post the remade logo, but maybe ten minutes later, the topic had already been closed and then hidden. The comment by the admin was “Infinite Flight Pictures only plzzzzz”. IDK why that doesn’t count, as I put it under screenshots and videos. Should I re-post the topic under RWA??

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Refer to my reply above, Screenshots and videos is only for Infinite flight-related content. Your best bet would be to PM a moderator and ask to recreate the thread I have linked.

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Also i remember that users are not allowed to share modified pictures or screenshots at Screenshots and videos category. Pictures must be original from the game.

Could you imagine, i play another mobil flight sim game, i do EGLL-EHAM (El Classico) flight and then i share it here with a comment "my el classico on another platform but same with IF"🫎

I’ll try posting it to the RWA category. If that too gets closed, then I guess somehow the other post was valid but this one isn’t.

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You could also try Third-Party application maybe? I’m not sure, if I were you I would just pm a moderator and see what the deal is.

Third-party is a place for other developers to post their own companion apps to Infinite Flight, not a place to post pictures of other games.


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I flagged this post for moderation, but I never heard back from them. I’ll try PM’ing one.

See that’s what I figured but you never know

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