I have an interesting idea for a Virtual Airline

OK so I was thinking. What if there was a Virtual airline that escorted other planes to their destination while following all regulations? I’ve been doing it to random planes. And maybe if I had a fleet we could do formations and everything.

I honestly don’t completely know how it will work. So what do YOU think? :) Leave a comment.

Add me on Skype to join the Escort Airlines.

trevaun8 trevaun8 trevaun8 trevaun8 trevaun8


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Not to carry passengers…

But hey, why not?

Oh BTW, my Skype is trevaun8.

Lol this is great 😂.

Congrats you’re my 100th like.


Infinite Flight Squadron , that’s what you could call it! I am always perfecting my f14 skills… sometimes I will attach to other flights just to have fun escorting them.
I wouldn’t mind having fun now and then.

Post this on the IFFG virtual airlines age too. Interesting idea!((:

Thanks guys! I’ll still be working on this idea. Infinite flight squadron sounds great, I’ll post it on the IFFG Page right away. @castle55 @MishaCamp

^as soon as they accept my join request…

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One of the biggest headaches in IF… Escorts… Please leave me alone PH-ATH ;)

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I’ll be sure to look for you and bug you on IF. Umm… whats your callsign btw?

PH-ATH Is mine so please stay away from me ;) not all people appreciate escorts…

Hmm… Why so?.. I’d love to know so I’d avoid annoying others.

Because some people wanna fly around by them self or with a friend and not someone they don’t know bugging them ;)

Yes - I fully agree with @Aernout on this.

I don’t want to have a F-22 next to me. This rarely happens in real life. I had this once, unfortunately only Unicom was available so when I aligned myself at KLAX, the fighter plane also aligned just behind me. On the map I could see him taking speed while I was taking-off (ie. He was also taking-off!). He then followed me - doing 360 degrees turns around my 772… Was really annoying.

Please don’t follow me - My callsign will be Air France (+ Flight number) Heavy. I am generally in AF’s 772.

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In other words, you are having a fun time but in the mean time you can ruin someone else’s experience with IF who also paid for it…

Now that I’ve heard good and bad thoughts about this idea, do you guys think escorts should be pre-planned between individual pilots?


Maybe I form alliances with other Virtual Airlines and they agree to allow escorts and flight formations with their pilots.

OR (Recommended)

Those who want escorts, put" -E" In the end of your callsign and anyone with the Callsign “Escort(Number here)” will escort them or do flight formations.

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Yes these are good ideas!

If you see: A Roy - IFEP - AF VA & a callsign like AF (+ flight number) heavy in an AF 772, 388 or 744 - please don’t follow me.


Sure thing, I’ll let you fly in peace.

Now that my ideas are starting to make sense, I need this to get popularity…

Yes things like that, good luck with it :D

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Thanks. I’ll try my best to make Infinite Flight squadron popular.

Is anyone currently interested in joining?