I Have an Idea, but I Need Help

Expanding on Subject: When I say “help” I actually mean I’d like someone else to do all the work

OK, it maybe a couple 3 ideas

  1. Despite all the TBs of data used here to express what we want, could someone (or be commissioned by the devs) figure out a comprehensive survey monkey…ummmm… survey and post link to the board that would ask us what we would like to see such as reworks, new aircraft, features etc which would also provide priorities of wants and needs to provide a comprehensive and accurate product to the devs? It would also breakdown questions based on current capabilities of devices on the market, what devices players use and have questions in a different block that would require a universal wait for more powerful devices. Does anyone here actually know any of them or do they all live on Mount Infinite Olympus?

  2. Someone build a 3rd party app or talk to a dev to publish stats like which aircraft are played the most, to and from where and interesting tidbits like fuel burned, but that last one about fuel, would probably need that added to the log book

  3. I’m also curious who and what types of folks play this game and what real world experiences they bring to the game

Obviously it takes a number of carefully asked questions with follow-up questions so the numbers are not eschewed or gives conflicting information…or it might as well just be posted here like it has been.

If I was a dev I would like to see some comprehensive data on trends on what players find as a priority and what the focus of interest is then I guess it would be up to them to go from there based on what players want vs current and planned mobile devices’ capabilities.

Anyway, anyone else wondering this stuff? Has it been done before? Here on the forum everything seems to get lost with all the “shouting”

Ah so no more tracking threads

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The first thing your brought up is basically what #features is about, the only thing missing there what i can see is the device specifics. But i would say that’s something that you have to try and figure out on the go, it might be a bit hard to know in theory.

When it comes to the 3rd party thing you mention, for what purpose? I’m pretty sure the developers already keep track of it.

Might also be worth mentioning, that the current user base wishes/requests/demands aren’t always the most important ones. I’m not saying it’s not important, just in case someone feels like interpreting wrong.
What i’m saying is that sometimes you have to add features that might attract a new audience to be able to expand :)

  1. Iirc @Chris_S internally has stats of some aircraft stats but I don’t know where, I saw that within IFATC chat. The fuel burn part looks like a feature request to me

  2. In Which Country Do You Play IF?
    Who On IFC Has An Aviation Related Job/Hobby? Search function always helps for some polls within the forums

http://fpltoif.com/stats for current live flight stats. FDS has historical numbers but I don’t think they ever shared.

Even for #3 there have been posts with polls for ages, countries, etc.

This post has been edited due to moronic autocorrect, not all mistakes found yet.

It just seems the features section looks so chaotic with lots of unorganized voices with no way to prioritize the trends of request types and buried quickly by another request quickly , that’s just me unless there’s some admin tool behind-the-scenes on the site that does this.

I wish there was a published strategic plan that would give us a picture on where things are going except hint dropping and rumor mill productions

You can sort by “Votes”, that would make it easier.

I think they’ve done something similar before, but then when something has to be postponed indefinitely some people go completely berzerk…

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I know this is not really the type of statistics you’re looking for, but from my perspective, the “trending” aircraft seem to be Boeing, and the a320 family. Ya you’ll see the occasional Md/Dc, or a few Airbus heavies, but it’s nowhere near as many Boeing aircraft you see. It’s also pretty rare to see users in the dash, or C130s although they’re fairly new. Overall what I gather is a320 family, and Boeing seems to be trending especially the 777, and 787.

Here’s a post from a while back that I think displays this “trend”


EDIT: I think I might have read the main post wrong, and misunderstood it. My post might be totally irrelevant, but I’ll keep it up. However what is everyone else’s opinion on “trends” through the app?

That’s a shame :( the Q, the regionals and GAs are what I like the most; me and 6 other folks here lol ok maybe 200

That’s one of the reasons i mentioned this:

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My feedback might not be a accurate as it’s just what I perceive from my usage in the sim.

I agree, some requests can’t be done yet due to the mobile products capabilities or takes too much resources and time to preempt current production cycle timelines (which no one knows what that is) but no feedback from management on where the ship is going and have no idea on who the captain is or the pilot. But hey, when I was the age of some of these kids, I was playing Harpoon, or Red Storm Rising or some A-10 game where every 5th frame is dropped on my Commodore Amiga with one whole MB of RAM. Hey, a lot can happen in 5 years :-)

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