I have an amazon kindle and I have downloaded infinite flight and the update is not coming up

I need help cos I need to fly the 787 and the 777-200lr

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I haven’t heard of FDS pushing a update for Kindle yet…

only heard about the update for Andriod and IOS

andriod already got the update

Thanks man that helped

The iOS one isn’t out yet…

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I have a kindle too and I got the dash 8 update only.


Yes when I want to update it says open but I want to update

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@Patrick_U please may you notify me when the update comes out for kindle

They also did have a version for Amazon. The kindle is from Amazon. Well, I think they used to but I think they deleted it…

Jun '15
We have not at any time suggested the Amazon system is “abandoned”. Only that there have been some obstacles that have slowed the progress beyond what we had hoped or expected.
Matt or Philippe would have to elaborate further, as I am not aware of the exact details. I just wanted to set the record straight at least in that it’s not abandoned.
and[quote=“Laura, post:21, topic:56678, full:true”]
Amazon changed their IAP system, I have to rewrite the damn thing… sorry about that…

These are responses put out by devs on the subject of kindle. I was happy to hear these because I play on kindle also.


Thanks eveytime I wake up in the morning I check if for the update so thanks that helped can you inform me when the update comes out for the fire please

Yeah it’s the same with me. No update yet… just got my hopes up when I had heard android had been released as the kindle technically is. Oh well…

I pray please x1000 what noooo!!!

Has the update come out for kindle yet

No, its not yet.

With have kindle fire but can’t get the subscription any one help?

Still no update.

There’s currently no timetable as to when it’ll be out on the Amazon App Store according to Philippe. All we can do is wait till they announce it.


Summed up above, nothing more needs to be said.