I have all the requirements and I'm still basic user

Ok so I’ve looked at the requirements for trust level 2 and I’ve surpass it by a lot and I’m still trust level one help

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Try logging out and back in again.

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And this belongs in #meta. #support is for game related issues.


What are you talking about?

Check the edit history of your first post and I’ll think you understand.

Also I’m on a phone where’s the sign out button

I’m just pulling your leg

“Log out” is in the bottom of the top right corner menu.

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Well still didn’t work

Maybe just wait until you get the badge?

You deserve to be a basic.


Might take a while for the system to catch up. Be patient.

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Patience young one, and soon you will learn the ways of the IF community.

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Honestly I re read the requirements the post I created I’ve 5x it

Haha, I’m just pulling your leg 😉


System could take some time to update just hang in there and I’m sure you will get it soon.

Look back at my picture I’m going to edit it

Compare and I did way more than that

The IF Community have theirs tweaked slightly I think…


Well get me that one because this is hold on