I have a weekly community flight idea, what are your thoughts?

I was thinking, it would be cool if someone would plan a flight, maybe once a week so everyone in the community flies the route (if they want). So for example, maybe a flight from EGLL-KSFO (or shorter flights) and lots of people can fly the route? Or maybe is this a bad idea?


Sometimes during FNF there are published routes that most people fly. And most times people will fly between the controlled airports creating busy routes.


We sometimes have this, they are called Flash flights:

If you want some people to fly with you, you could post in #live:groupflights as long as the flight leaves 3 hours from the time of the post. For longer than three hours, use #live:events. Be aware that you have to be TL2 to post in #live:events. The benefit to events is that more people might attend, while groupights give you an opportunity to just do a fun flight with whoever’s available.

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He is only TL1

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Whoops, forgot about that! Will edit it in

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