I have a subscription but the app says I doesn't

Hi I’ve been in the middle of a long haul and after ending the flight and using flight resume the app says I need to purchase pro when I already have, I have the emails to prove so but the app still says I need to purchase pro, any help would be appreciated thanks

Phone - Samsung galaxy fold 3

Have you restarted the app?

Yes that worked ! Thanks for that I’m not sure why it stopped working I’ve had a subscription since 2018 and it’s the first time it’s stopped working 😂

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Hi @Mrp_98,

Request you to write an email to support@infiniteflight.com and include you last used callsign in the email.

That has happened to me a few times so I just wanted to make sure 😂 glad I could help!

I’ve managed to get it back, I’m not sure if it had something to do with the flight resume or something random error ha

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I panicked put it that way 😂

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