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Lets say I am descending, I announce what runway I am landing on, and then after I saw that, someone else were to say they are taxiing to the opposite runway, who is in the wrong?

I personally feel as if the first person that announced what runway they are landing on is correct, and everyone else should go towards the correct runways.

I am not bashing anyone, I am just curious and would love to have a definitive answer.

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Well it’s hard to do anything about it in the training server. If you really want to get a realistic experience with one side in use, join the expert server. Because we can’t do much on the training and causal server

In theory, when inbound, you should request traffic advisories, as well as check which runway is favourable with the wind.

If you end up in this situation, the best thing for you to do is either join the circuit pattern for the runway the person is using or circle around until they depart and are out of the way.

A person on the ground is more likely to be stubborn with their outbound procedure, whilst you can be slightly more flexible.


I use expert server all the time, I understand training, just if this were to happen on expert server, who is correct

Cool, I understand now, I just needed some clarification!

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Ah like what @Adam said, it’s only right to ask for traffic advisories if there’s not ATC. Just have to deal with the extra turns

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Cool, thank you for your help!

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