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Do you have plane of king or president in this game with image plz

The B747 has the Air force 1 livery. As well as the 737


There is Air force one and Royal jordanian
Air force one planes
-737 BBJ
747 VA i think it is

I believe the 748 BBJ belongs to someone that owns something πŸ˜‚

The 737-700, 747-VC, 757-200 all belong to AF1 and are added to the sim

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There are some government planes in this game: Air Force One (747), Air Force Two (757), Air Force Three I assume (737). Adding to that very diverse selection, you have BBJ 747-8 livery which is actually Qatar Amiri flight and some aircraft which you can pretend are ACJ models, like you can do with Qatar Airways A319 pretending it’s actually the ACJ version in the same livery

The B748 BBJ no longer exists under the registration VQ-BSK. It was once the Qatar Amiri, now it is in the turkish government with the registration TC-TRK. In addition, the B747 is the Airforce One. All others are numbered with two, three and so on.

Fun fact: any plane carrying the president is called Air Force One. If the president decided to travel in a Cessna 172, it would be called Air Force One. Although currently the plane used to carry the president is the 747 VC-25.


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