I have a question

Hey ifc I have a question.

Do ifatc and expert pilots prefer airports on the coast? If so how come because eg if Jeddah and Riyadh are featured Jeddah is way more popular and same for Mumbai is seemingly preferred to pilots over Delhi when that’s featured. I’ve got absolutely nothing against it but I was just wondering why is this 🙂

It’s always a lottery tbh. Tyler makes an ATC schedule which sometimes outlines hubs, but other-times he doesn’t. It’s up to the pilots, when people start their long hauls they often go back on the airport with the most inbounds. This often creates a ripple effect and everybody flocks to that airport. For example sometimes IFATC think that one airport would be the hub, but it turns out not to be. I don’t really know if pilots prefer an airport on the coast.

Anyways, this weeks schedule is linked below:


Personally for me it’s about the scenery and routes possible at the airport and I am sure that is the same for others.

Cign :)


usually pilots go to the airport with the most atc (Appr and dep) and this causes atc to keep that airport fully staffed which pulls more pilots and its a spiral event from there

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