I have a question

Anybody knows why IF autopilot when turning left or right turns suddenly, isn’t auto-pilot supposed to be made for passenger comfort? I heard that in a documentary


Yes it is a flaw in the game… I do believe there is a feature request for it!
Cign :D
I will try and finding the feature now!

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Can you link it?

Here it is!


YES! That’s a question that I was gonna ask too. Thanks for the post!

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Sorry beat you to it! :)

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I’m pretty sure autopilot was made so pilots don’t have to do too much work in the cockpit


Haha enjoy the day!

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Yes, this is the main reason. But the auto-pilot is smooth when making turns and descending/climbing which is why I’m saying it was made for passenger comfort. And also because I heard it being mentionned in a documentary.

Yeah, the autopilot definitely yEeeEEtS the plane left and right. I’ve voted for the request and you should too, lol

I’ve done that, hopefully it gets implemented in the game soon :)

Sometimes, if I’m watching my flight and I’m coming up on a turn, I’ll disconnect NAV, fly the turn myself all gentle-like, and then turn NAV on again


Yeah the autopilot is too aggressive, does not bank enough sometimes, and doesn’t coordinate turns…

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