I have a question

Ok, is this lag problem.

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Like a very large lag, or ATC problem.

Can we have more detail about your question? We can’t really help you effectively with just a picture. If it’s lag, try moving closer to your router. IF is a big game, and very WiFi intensive.

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Well, I’m landing at SFO , and I was cleared to land, and a plane was cleared for takeoff. Is ATC not held to high standards?

What server?

Training server

Training server pilots don’t have to have any qualifications to control. Work to expert server and fly with more realistic controlling!

ATC there are either there for fun, or practicing to become IFATC. I’ve seen similar happen in real life.

You were on training server, because SFO was not featured this week, or last week.

The training server controllers are not trained, and some of them are trolls.

I’d recommend flying on expert and seeing if this happens.

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Ok 👍 working

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