I have a Question

Ok I looked into my logbook, one report was because I interfered with aircraft ahead(to close). I know this was because of a glitch, my iPad froze, then I jumped ahead.

Wait were you ghosted on the training server?

Nope, expert, i think, it was at SNA

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That’s the thing, now I’m only grade 2, I was grade 3

An active ATC was at SNA to my knowledge on Sunday. The Expert IFATC controller you can find in your logbook if you were reported manually.

You do become grade 2 for a week if you are reported. It’s too keep the servers safe to their professional standards, and a learning step for the pilot to learn from.

If the report is after a week then there is nothing that can be done, you’ll be back to normal.

Yea, I accrued enough to be booted for a year. Some my fault, some, simulator glitch

When did this happen?

Also, maybe try doing what Ecoops said, so we can help you in the best way possible.

Last November nothin we can do


Was that the most recent one?

Yes it was

Since you have 6 in the past 365 days, it may be a while until you get grade 3 back.

You’ll get it back when the first received ghost reaches an age of 366 days.

Yea thanks for the help

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