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Ok, so I was grade 3, then I got ghosted, then I’m grade 2. That’s not the point. On the training server, people are always all over the place and don’t listen to ATC. What’s even more frustrating is that sometimes the people who do this are grade 3 flyers and above. I was wondering if there were any solutions to this. Also, the reasons I was ghosted, both times, was because of people taking off without clearance. (However; I do believe they got ghosted to) The second time I got ghosted was because I was reported for flying to fast, by a IFATC. I had no idea this could happen. And I’m just looking for answers. None the less, this game is beyond amazing, keep up the good work!


Well the training server is for … training. So you will have to deal with those that don’t know much. There’s just not much to do to control those people, that’s why there’s the expert server.
There are many things you can get ghosted for that you may not know about.
You always have to treat expert server as like real life. Where you must maintain separation, don’t cut people … etc.


Unfortunately people on training server aren’t experts and may be new to the app. If I were you I’d fly away from the busy hotspot airports.

Unfortunately, as it is training server, there’s not much we can do about it.

My best advice is to just learn from your mistakes and fly on the expert server after the week, or to fly at lesser known, less crowded airports.

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I have accrued some of my own ghosting, at my fault. But is is so frustrating when I get ghosted because of others. I have been banned for a year.

How were you ghosted because of another pilot?

Have you contacted your controller about the ghostings? They can try to help you out :)

I was cleared for takeoff, another plane came out of random, we both get ghosted.

No, I was relatively new to Infinite Flight pro, so I didn’t catch all the details.

I would suggest PM-ing your controller as they would be able to help you sort out your ghost.

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The name of your controller should be in your logbook from the flight you got ghosted on.

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If the ghost was given more than 7 days ago it can’t be reversed

What is PM in

He is TL0 so he can’t PM

Private message.

These ghosts were givin in October, I’m just now joining the community.

Do you still have the logbook entry from the flight? If so you can show us and we can appropriately tag the controller to let him know you’d like to sort it out.

Then there’s nothing that can be done about those ghosts but it’s fine cause it doesn’t matter and also it’s been a long time so it won’t hurt the process of IFATC if you choose to go there

Guys, please limit the off-topic conversation.

Back to the original question. Once again, it is borderline impossible to make the training server clean and professional. I suggest staying away from busy airports if you are looking for realism and professionalism.

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Ok. It’s fine, it’s my fault for not paying attention when I did things to get myself ghosted.

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