I have a question....


Will these violations fall off after 24 hours or seven days. I’m confused??

I have just received these violations becuase my sister disabled the A/P 👿

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Seven days. (A week) :)

They will go go away in 1 week, but they will stay on your record forever


Is there a possibility I can have these violations removed? Cause I now cant go on Expert :(

The violations werent my fault

You can access expert in 7 days.

The vios werent my fault though

You were in command of the flight, making them your and only your responsibility.

System violations are almost never removed.


Er I was at cruise altitude 5 hours into a 19 hour flight! I was sleeping…

There isn’t anything you can do to remove violations. Just access the other servers in the meantime. A week isn’t long. :)

But my subscription runs out in 6 days and I dont have the money to renew it yet…! :(

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Do you know why you got the violations tho?

No lemme just check…

Your logbook will have all of that info :)

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2 speed violations

and for some reason (i was no where near an airport, I was over the ocean

2 Aerobatics violations

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I would suspect that you stalled. Did you step climb on this flight?

I was at FL310 (31000ft)

how did i get aerobatic vioaltions over the ocean?

I know how you feel; been there too many times.
Violations are system generated, based on clear known rules.
You are responsible for your flight at all times. Yes, also when you sleep.

When I get degraded, I use my time for crazy patterns, somewhere on a windy airport, and collect lots of XP’s. Also, I use this time to monitor the Tracking threads of ATCs that are practicing and fly for them on Training.

Many ways to turn you time to good use.


Well you just need to understand the rules and learn from them, have fun flying

that just means you put your aircraft to the extreme AKA actions like inverting the aircraft that no pilot would ever do in real life

My subscription ends in 6 days, i wont be abke to access Expert again until I csn get the money to renew my subscription