I have a question Turn on APPR

here is the issue. I encounter this problem I was flying in very busy airspace on the approach controller frequency I follow every instruction, but one problem it always got me After controller me For example Make it turn left Heading…maintain 3000 Feet Intercopted localizer or something like that After Completing the turn-on sign to intercept localizer I turn on APPR But it Took a little while Capture Glide Slope but when it turned green, I given another instruction so I had this engage the APPR That’s when I have confused. Should I just wait until I’m completed in the Cohen before Turn on APPR Or, like I normally do after the final Heading instruction After completing the turn Then engaged ?

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Hey mate, you should use appr when your are heading the cone, it’s preferable to be at a stabilised altitude and a speed between 180-200 knots (airspeed).

When the ATC give you this clearance he will give an interception angle (max 30°).

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I’m honestly not sure what you’re tryna ask here, but I usually arm approach mode as I get the clearance, to my experience, the controller will never give you more than 40 deg offset for the intercept (even though you’re supposed to get 30 max, you can still intercept with 40), and they aim to give you less than 30 degrees to intercept

Do I understand: you are asking when exactly to turn on APPR after being given ATC intercept instructions?

In @Duke 's link above look at time 1:16, where you will hear:

“now I’m on a good intercept to final with an xxx heading and level at 3000 feet, to give me some time to establish before the localizer comes within range. Which means we are set to activate the APPR mode.”

step 1) turn to the intercept heading as instructed by ATC
step 2) in the video it shows him turning on APPR when the localizer needle just starts to move and he says “select APPR NAV and now the aircraft will maintain the intercept angle until the localizer needle works its way into the center”

Below, with APPR on, the aircraft is maintaining the intercept angle and constant altitude until the needles move into position (it is all automated)

Summary: follow atc instruction first, then select APPR after you are set up at the assigned heading and altitude

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