I have a question regarding ATC

Hello, I was instructed to turn right downwind. What does that mean ? Thank you.


This should help


If you’re confused about which way to turn for downind, here’s a clarified chart of what @DiamondGaming4 has posted above.



Okay so let’s say I was almost on my final approach and I was heading to runway 23. Then the ATC Controller told me to turn right downwind to runway 05 which is at the opposite of runway 23. I turned right but he told me to check for tutorials.

You would make a left turn to put the runway on the right side, then you would turn right to parallel , the runway, then you would make the right hand turns for dase, and final.

Basically just fly down towards runway 05 with the runway parallel to your plane and on your right. Think about it like this, if the runway is on your right, then you’re on right downwind. If the runway is on your left, then you’re on left downwind. So to apply it to your situation, if you’re on final approach for runway 23, and the controller says “Enter right downwind runway 05” then cancel the final approach, fly with an altitude of 1500 AGL, and make sure you’re parallel to the runway with the runway on your right, and head towards runway 05. The same applies to “enter left downwind runway 05”.


Oh okay, thank you guys. A moderator can now close this topic.

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Just to clarify, this is only for when you’re facing the opposite direction of the runway.
I just think of it like this:
Which direction are planes taking off on the runway? Immediately after you lift off from the runway, anything to your left should have left in the name. (left base and left downwind are to the left immediately after takeoff.) And it’s the same for if anything is to the right of you. (Right base and right downwind are to the right of the aircraft after takeoff.)

And btw as a side note, if there are two runways (for example, 18L and 18R), unless the controller says otherwise, don’t interfere with the other runway’s traffic. For example, if you’re taking off from 18L, try to enter left downwind instead of turning right. Vice versa if you’re taking off from the R (right) runway. This is marked by the “no transgression zone” in @DiamondGaming4 's map above.
The only exception that I can think of for this at the moment is if you’re taking off from the Left runway and the Right runway isn’t being used at all for takeoffs. For example, if you’re taking off on 18L, you can turn left or right if 18R isn’t being used for takeoffs.

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