I have a question for ATC radar controllers

Why do radar controllers open only appr and no departure

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That’s up to the controllers decision if they want to or not. Personally I prefer not to open another freq is because it’s easier to handle planes on one freq than 2 frequencies. That’s just my opinion.


Also generally approach is way more needed than departure.

When a controller opens approach, sometimes they will ask for the Tower controller to ‘send deps’, meaning departures will also fly out on the approach frequency, rather than just being given a freq change approved. This is often done if the controller feels departures will be a risk to the arriving aircraft, and is easier to manage all on one frequency/page

A lot of airports also don’t have Departure but have approach, as something to be kept in ,imd.


I would guess it’s because there is more chaos on approach then in departure. When there is no APPR everyone races to the runway to land quickly.

On departure people just head to their destination.

So approach creates more chaos for the airport I guess

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The priority for controllers is arrivals because it requires more coordination (arrivals all converging at one location) than departures (everybody leaving one location and spreading out).

If they have enough capacity controllers will often accept handoff from tower for departures on the same frequency as arrivals because it’s easier on one screen. Others prefer to keep them separate to avoid confusion, or there may be another controller managing departures.


I know approach is more important but I would like to see Departure controlled a lot more than it currently is.


Adding on to what @Ecoops123 said, with the implementation of procedures, departure became even less important, as SIDs usually keep aircraft from interfering with arriving aircraft, almost automatically. In the past it’s possible that a pilot would make a 180 degree turn instantly following takeoff, which would be both unrealistic and unsafe to arriving aircraft, in which then the departing aircraft would receive vectors. However, SIDs have solved this.


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