I have a question about visual approaches

Should I report my position on a visual approach or not?

If approach vectored you for a visual approach, you call inbound on the visual if there is tower

Ok I was just returning to the airport but in my case it the airport was Unicom should I still report my position on a visual approach

Just ignore the OP then…

Answer, Yes. You announce inbound, then your positions as they change.

So for example:
“Heathrow UNICOM, Yankee is 26nm to the west at 13000ft, inbound for landing runway 27L”
time passes…
“Heathrow UNICOM, Yankee is on left downwind, runway 27L.”
Heathrow UNICOM, Yankee is on Left Base, runway 27L."
“Heathrow UNICOM, Yankee is on final, runway 27L.”
And eventually… once you have landed and entered a taxiway.
“Heathrow UNICOM, Yankee is clear of all runways.”


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