I have a question about transitions

While a aircraft is flying through the airport, must he send a transition massenge? Or if his attitude is high enough so I don’t need to send an ‘On guard’ massenge?

If your in a high altitude so you won’t need to but if your low you will have to request transition

Just if you fly above 5000ft AAL (Above Aerodrome Level) you do not need to request transition


Ok, thank you.

Ok, thanks very much.

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So you need to 1000ft above pattern alt which is 1500ft

airport so has alt of 54 ft then is round it 100 then 1500+100=1600

Then 1000+1600=2600 then the number go to the closest number in the menu which 2500ft.

That’s it (:

Ok, thanks very much!

That is correct!

Just to point: When you round your transition altitude does not actually need to be to the nearest number.

In an elevation of 54ft, as it is marginal you can and should round to the nearest number. Now imagine that your elevation is of 300ft, in that case your TPA (Traffic Pattern Altitude) is gonna be at 1800ft thus your transition would be 2800ft which if you round to the nearest number will be 3000ft.

But your transition can be also at 2500ft. Speaking about VFR flights that are the ones that usually require transition, the VFR rules apply, thus the minimum separation between aircraft is of 500ft instead of 1000ft in normal IFR conditions. In that case, if you round it to 2500ft, the separation between the transitioning aircraft and the ones who are flying locally (in the pattern) is of 700ft which is above the mínimums listed above.

Anyways, both options are valid, to maintain 1000ft separation or only 500ft although I will only apply to the minimum 500ft separation rule when the elevation is less than 100-200ft.

Just to point this, all things @Lawin_S said are completely correct!

Hope you have a nice!

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Thanks, stay safe everyone!

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How does AAL compare with AGL in determining transition altitude.

AAL: is the elevation of the airfield: it is a single height per each airport

AGL: is the elevation of the ground, it is defined by the orography, like mountains, valleys, and it can widely vary

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IF has established “5000 Ft AGL” (050AGL) as the floor of all IF Airspace. Thus 050AGL + is the altitude you must use to TRANSITION controlled airspace without the necessity to communicate with controlling agencies. (Source: IFATC Manual)


@BinaryChess… Got it the first time, Good Job!


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